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User-friendly security and privacy news sites

Published onJan 03, 2020
User-friendly security and privacy news sites

Not all news sites are created equal when it comes to explaining security and privacy issues. Plenty are too technical, or make things sound scary and out of control.

Some sites try harder than others to make it clear to you what steps you should take when there are security issues. Here are a few I recommend following:

The AARP maintains an up-to-date page on recent scams and fraud, digital and otherwise.

Threatpost is dedicated exclusively to covering digital security, and has podcasts with in-depth coverage of issues.

The Verge’s privacy and cybersecurity sections are worth following.

Bleeping Computer has accessible tech advice as well as security news updates.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Deeplinks Blog keeps up with news about privacy, security, and digital rights.

For professionals who work with information, Martin Shelton is a great follow on Twitter.

For a more in-depth look at privacy and security, check out the rest of Keep Calm and Log On’s companion website, or get the book!

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