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Make your device easier to use with accessibility settings

Published onDec 12, 2019
Make your device easier to use with accessibility settings

In this poster from the Works Progress Administration, I see an echo of what we go through today with technology.

The poster encourages parents to find out if their kids need glasses, instead of blaming their kids’ intelligence. Today we may also blame ourselves for struggling to use technology.

But we shouldn’t! So often, technology is genuinely hard to use. The good news is, some software gives you options to make it easier to see, read, hear, or interact with what’s on the screen. And accessibility settings aren’t just for those who have a physical disability. They can be useful to most of us, in different ways, at different times!

So how do I find accessibility settings?

You can find instructions for finding and changing accessibility settings in the following links:

iPhone accessibility settings

Mac accessibility settings

In Windows, “accessibility” is called “Ease of Access,” so look for that label in your device settings and your apps. Here are instructions on finding those settings in:

Windows 10

Some older versions of Windows

Android devices may require you to add additional apps in addition to adjusting your settings.

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