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Your digital victory garden chores checklist

Published onDec 17, 2019
Your digital victory garden chores checklist

Here’s the summary of Keep Calm and Log On’s chapters on security, presented as a quick checklist so you can make sure you’ve done everything you need to in order to defend your digital security victory garden:

  • Get ready to install updates:

    • Move photos, videos, and other large files to an external drive if you need space.

    • Make sure there’s at least 10% of your device space free, so there’s room.

  • Locate the “updates” section of each of your devices.

    • Install updates as they are released.

  • In the settings of devices you want to “airgap” because you are not going to be able to update them, turn off the wifi or unplug the internet cable.

  • Write down the name of your antivirus software somewhere near your device where you can refer to it.

Figure out whether it’s better for you to write passwords down, or use a password manager.

  • Then pick the best way to store your passwords:

    • Install a password manager OR

    • Start a password book and

      • make sure you have a way to keep it under lock and key.

  • Once you’ve got that set up, change any passwords you use which are repeated across websites, devices, or services. Make them longer, random, and unique.

    • Securely destroy and change any passwords you’ve got written on loose paper/sticky notes.

    • Delete any passwords you have saved in files on your computer.

  • Set up multi-factor authentication (text or call backup for your logins) with your

    • financial and

    • email sites

    • at least!

For more steps you can take to protect your digital security and privacy, pick up a copy of Keep Calm and Log On!

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